Top 5 Cat Trees of 2019

Top 5 Best Cat Tree Reviews And Buying Guide

In this review, we look at the best cat trees available to buy today. We have selected 5 of our favourite cat trees, from low to high budget, small to large cat trees. Continue reading to find out more...

1| Go Pet Club Cat Tree

– For just $43.35, we believe this is the best cat tree, staying well within budget

– Space saver at 52″ high and 19″ wide

– Includes a sleeping/relaxing bed

– Multiple scratch posts

– Sturdy design

– Multi-tier

– Swing ball for added enjoyment

– Support for multiple cats/ kittens

Previous owners have commented that they love the fact that the platforms are completely covered in high quality carpet as this gives their cats more surface and different angles to put themselves into whilst sinking their claws deep into it.

The beds are large enough for even bigger kitties, that weigh over 15lbs, to curl up in quite comfortably and the curved cradles are equally a great size for them to hang over without falling off.

Cats can hurl themselves at the tree quite safely without it wobbling or toppling over. You’ll experience great joy at watching your cat launching himself at his new toy, and jumping from the posts onto one of the platforms over and over again.

Several customers commented that the only thing that would have made this cat furniture any better, in their eyes, is if there was more sisal rope covering the posts and not carpet, which is why they only gave this model a 4-star rating and not 5, but they still love and highly recommend this cat tree none the less.

Cat Furniture for Large Cats

There was one particular customer who said that the “Go Pet Club Cat Tree” is a great piece of cat furniture for large cats.

This particular reviewer went on to say that he has 5 cats, and one of them is a huge male that weighs around 25lbs. His point was that this large male cat can hang and jump on this cat tree like it’s a jungle gym and it has never even come close to tipping over.

Many said the carpet was high quality. There are some other carpeted cat trees that has the plastic underneath that you can practically see without having to search for it.

There was one particular customer who couldn’t say enough about how well this cat tree is made.

He went on to say that for him everything about this model is perfect. He found that the seams were very well tucked in. He also said that he checked the tree all over and the seams didn’t look as if they would ‘pull out’.

There was one particular customer who said that the “Go Pet Club Cat Tree” is a great piece of cat furniture for large cats. This particular reviewer went on to say that he has 5 cats, and one of them is a huge male that weighs around 25lbs. His point was that this large male cat can hang and jump on this cat tree like it’s a jungle gym and it has never even come close to tipping over.

A high majority of reviewers commented that the carpet was high quality, thick and dense. They even went as far as saying that you can’t find the bottom of the pile when you dig your fingers into it and that there are some other carpeted cat trees that has the plastic underneath that you can practically see without having to search for it.

There was one particular customer who couldn’t say enough about how well this cat tree is made.

He went on to say that for him everything about this model is perfect. He found that the seams were very well tucked in. He also said that he checked the tree all over and the seams didn’t look as if they would ‘pull out’.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Summary:

Overall, there is no doubt that this is one of the best cat climbing trees on the market.

Cats of all breeds and sizes, whether they are indoor or outdoor predators, seem to love this particular Go Pet Club Cat Tree, and so do their owners.

It’s an attractive looking and extremely well built item of cat furniture. It’s also very sturdy and doesn’t wobble when attacked at speed.

The sisal rope and carpet are attached to the natural pine wood tightly and securely. It just goes to show that when a manufacturer knows and understands the needs and wants of a cat, the product that they produce will be second to none.

Even though you should read and pay close attention to any negative reviews, in this particular case, the positives far out-weigh the negatives.

2| Feandrea 67" Multi-Level Cat Tree

– Many Different Levels

– Strong and natural sisal covered scratch posts and scratch ladder

– Sturdy design – 3.4″ diameter posts

– Reinforced base plate

– Swing balls for added enjoyment

– 2 separate relaxing beds

This cat tree boasts multiple levels, each containing their own surprise. The 3 swing balls can entertain for hours, whilst the scratch ladder and four strong 3.6″ diameter scratch covered posts can keep your kitty from even the biggest furniture scratching addictions.

Out for a while? No problem, thanks to the many different activities available in this tree, it will keep your cat entertained for hours and it will give you comfort that your favourite couch won’t get ruined whilst you are away.

Is your cat tired? Let your kitty sleep, in one of the two spacious but cozy rooms lined with premium, soft carpet, or on any of the other platforms, even the top for adventurous cats!

Give your cat what it deserves today!


  • 30 Month Warranty – No questions asked Amazon Returns
  • 5 Star Reviews
  • Luxurious materials
  • Natural sisal rope for clawing and exercise
  • Keeps your kitty’s claws away from your furniture
  • Many levels to jump around and enjoy
  • Swing balls for added interest
  • Large scratch pad ladder and scratch posts on every level
  • 2 separate condos for sleeping and relaxing
  • Soft carpet for maximum comfort


  • More expensive compared to competitors such as the Go Pet Club Cat Tree, although it does have many extra features such as the supportive wall strap

Great for Large Cats

The Feandrea 67″ Multi-level Cat Tree is the best cat tree for large cats because not only are the cat beds a generous size, but the scratching posts that hold up each of them are long and uninterrupted by other levels.

Whilst it’s good to have the horizontal surfaces for your kitty to climb and scratch on, big cats have long bodies and when they try to reach up to stretch and scratch in high places, it would be a much better experience for them if there wasn’t a corner of a horizontal level in the way. Do you see what I mean?

This Cat tree is constructed in a way that offers big and long cats the freedom to stretch, claw and scratch as high as they naturally desire.

Will This Cat Tower Tip Over?

The answer to that question is no. Whilst your kitties will launch themselves at it at full speed, it may have slight movement, but not enough to spook your cat or tip over. This is thanks to its innovative wall strap. This will ensure it cannot fall over.

This cat tower is very sturdy and solidly made.

It’s the best cat tree for large cats and it’s strong enough for multiple cats.

Getting to the top perch

Some methods included either leaping from the back of the sofa directly onto the cat bed at the top of the tower, or hauling themselves up by their claws over the outside of the posts to reach that exciting high perch.


3)Molly and Friends Virgie

Molly and Friends Deluxe Scratching Post Furniture

The Molly and Friends Virgie is a premium handmade high quality five tiered cat tree for cats of all sizes. The beds and rest areas are made large enough for even the largest of cats. It’s also a solid, very sturdy and well constructed item of cat tree furniture.

The Virgie stands at 90 inches in height, that’s 7 feet and 5 inches of high quality carpet, all natural sisal rope and solid pine poles.

Molly and Friends Virgie Reviews:

According to Molly and Friends enthusiasts, the Virgie is another great contribution to the feline world. When it comes to the subject of cat trees, Molly and Friends is a solid brand. You can rely on their workmanship.

Molly and Friends build cat trees that will last for years to come and the Virgie will not disappoint your feline friends.

The Virgie is an extra large premium handmade cat tree. It’s solid and heavy, it weighs around 150 pounds and will arrive fully assembled.

  • 6 tier extra large cat tree
  • 90 inches/7 feet 5 inches tall on a 24″ x 24″ weighted base
  • 1 condo, 2 cradles, 2 large beds and 1 tunnel measuring 12 inches in diameter
  • Durable materials, high-quality carpet, and solid construction
  • Solid pine poles
  • All natural thick sisal rope
  • Handmade in the USA, No assembly required

If you’re the owner of a particularly large kitty and you’re wondering if the Virgie is strong enough to bear his or her weight, then allow me to help you with that thought.

There’s a customer review from a lady whose cat weighs 38 pounds. That’s big. She says that if you also have a large cat, this cat tree will hold up just fine.

Another Molly and Friends Virgie reviewer commented that they were also extremely happy with this cat tower.

They continued to say that they found it to be sturdy enough to be placed right in front of a large plate glass window in their home and they

don’t have to worry about the cats hitting it over and knocking it right through that large window.

If you like the idea of owning a cat tower for your kitty, Molly and Friends have designed other tall carpeted cat trees that you may also find appealing. They are the “Skyscraper”“Elevator”“the Alleyway” and also “the Pinnacle”. These cat trees are all very tall, carpeted, stylish and are suitable for large cats and multiple cat homes.

Molly and Friends Virgie Summary:

Overall, there is no doubt that once again Molly and Friends have created a cat tree that owners and their pets will fall in love with.

This is clearly a brand that understands cats and their needs. Your kitty will be able to scratch or sink their claws into any of the carpeted or sisal posts, the beds or the rest areas to their hearts content.

The levels and the beds are a very good size.

Whether you have one cat or several cats, all at various sizes, they will be able to pounce on and off this extra large cat tower very safely.

4)PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge Review

PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge Review

The PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge is created sturdy enough not to move whilst your cat is either scratching or playing on it.

It’s also a very stylish and beautiful looking item of cat furniture made out of eco-friendly, recycled corrugated cardboard and it weighs approximately 7.5lbs.

The dimensions of the Scratcher Lounge are 34”(L) x 10.5”(W) x 10.5”(D) – so it’s just under 3 feet long, and because the lounge is bow-shaped, it’s approximately 10.5 inches high on the ends and about 6 inches high in the middle.

It will help to keep your cats’ claws in check and hopefully stop them from ruining your plants and furniture…a little bit at a time!

The PetFusion cat scratcher is also reversible which means that once your cat has scratched and clawed his way through the top, you can simply flip it over onto the other side, so that it looks brand new again.

PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge Features:

  • Sleek design made of eco-friendly, recycled corrugated cardboard, NOT WOOD
  • Both a scratcher and a lounge
  • Perfect for cats who like to scratch horizontally
  • Reversible for twice the use
  • The design encourages play
  • Stops cats from scratching your furniture
  • Curvy shape naturally attracts cats and make it easier for them to scratch, play and a more comfortable place to rest
  • Suitable for multiple cat families
  • Scratcher Lounge measurements: 34”(L) x 10.5”(W) x 10.5”(D)
  • Scratcher Lounge weight: 7.5 pounds
  • Designed in US and manufactured in Asia

PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge Review:

Cats love cardboard and the PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge is made from eco-friendly, recycled corrugated cardboard. It has a very long, sleek, curvy shape and is low to the ground. It looks more like human furniture rather than a piece of functional cat furniture.

According to a couple of 4 and 5 star reviewers, little kittens or small to medium sized cats will be able to poke their heads through the holes.

However, larger cats, weighing over 12 pounds (approximately) may not be able to crawl fully through the holes even though you can be sure that they’ll probably give it a good try.

How Long Will the Petfusion Cat Scratcher Lounge Last?

According to several reviewers, the Petfusion Cat Scratcher Lounge should last you at least one full year…and that’s with constant use.

Many individuals, who already own this cat scratcher lounge, have commented that the reason this product can last so long is because it’s made of a very hard, dense cardboard, which is why your cats’ claws won’t be able to demolish it any time soon, even with plenty of cat scratching activity.

And, not only that, but once the top starts looking really shabby, you can turn it over so that it looks brand new again.

Will Little Pieces of Cardboard Come Off With The Scratching?

PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge

A few potential customers who have bought other cardboard scratch pads, have voiced their concerns over the amount of ‘shedding’ that this Petfusion Lounger could produce.

However, according to owners of this Cat Scratcher Lounge, it does not create a lot of shredded mess.

Yes, little pieces of cardboard will come off as your cat scratches, but these little pieces either fall into the corrugated grooves or over the side.

One owner said that a weeks’ worth of shredded cardboard only amounts to about a tablespoon worth of cleaning up, and that should show you the quality of this product.

Will This Cat Scratcher Move On A Hardwood Floor?

The Petfusion Cat Scratcher Lounge should not move on your hardwood floor. This cat scratcher is very well made and is quite heavy.

So even if your 20lb cat takes a run and jump at it and rolls onto it at speed, it won’t move. However, it you’re still in any doubt as to whether it will remain still on your hardwood floor, it has been suggested that you could place a small rug underneath it.

What Do Reviewers Think of the Petfusion Lounger?

Overall, according to current owners, the general consensus is that the Petfusion Lounger has got to be the best cat scratching lounger that they’ve ever had.

They all agree that this cat scratching lounge is made of a tight and solid construction, combined with a beautiful and modern design.

5)Molly and Friends Skyscraper Cat Tree

Molly and Friends Skyscraper Cat Tree

The Molly and Friends Skyscraper is a premium handmade, high-quality cat tree with a beautifully designed cat condo (made with large cats in mind), 2 cradles, 1 large bed and an inverted tunnel.

It stands at 86″ in height, which is approximately 7 feet tall.

Starting at the top, the fourth tier, you’ll find a very spacious cat condo which is 19” tall, 16” wide and 18” long. There’s plenty of room here even for a particularly large cat.

In fact, just so you’re aware, Molly and Friends are probably the best cat tree manufacturers out there that cater for large cats, so you won’t have to be concerned about your kitty being able to fit in there comfortably.

Anyway, then right next to the cat condo, slightly above the roof, is a large cradle that measures 16.5” wide, 16” long and a sturdy 3” deep. This is actually the fifth tier.

Next, directly underneath the condo (on the third tier) is the large cat bed with a diameter of 16.5” and again is 3” deep.

Underneath that, on the second tier, is the second cradle that also measures 16.5” wide, 16” long and is also a sturdy 3” deep.

Last, but not least, on the bottom tier is the inverted tunnel that has a diameter of 17.5”, but it’s 16.5” long and 14” tall.

Molly and Friends Skyscraper Features:

  • 2 cradles, each one measuring 16.5″ wide, 16″ long, 3″ deep
  • 1 modern cat condo measuring 19″ tall, 16″ wide, 18″ long
  • 1 spacious cat bed 16.5″ in diameter, 3″ deep
  • 1 inverted tunnel 17.5″ in diameter – 16.5″ long, 14″ tall
  • 4 solid heart of pine poles, each measuring 66″ – 3 poles covered in luxurious carpet, the 4th pole is part carpet and part sisal rope
  • Thick all-natural sisal rope
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Very sturdy and made from quality products
  • Arrives fully assembled, no tools required

Overall Dimensions:

  • Height, from top to bottom: 86″ – 7 feet
  • Width, from side to side: 24″
  • Depth, from front to back: 24″
  • Base: 24″ x 24″
  • Weight: 169 lbs

What Do Reviewers Think Of The Molly and Friends Skyscraper Cat Tower?

If you’re familiar with any of the products from Molly and Friends, you’ll already know just how well made and sturdy they are.

But this could be your first encounter with their cat furniture, so what do you need to know?

All of the cat furniture made by Molly and Friends is handmade to an exceptionally high standard. They understand cats and their natural needs extremely well, and create some of the most wonderful pieces of modern cat furniture you’ve ever had the pleasure to see. Their products are also pleasurable eye candy for us humans too.

The Molly and Friends Skyscraper

One of this brands tallest cat towers, it stands at 86”, that’s about 7 feet high and it’s very solid, well designed, very stable, built to last and weighs in at 169 lbs. That’s heavy. But this is what makes it so sturdy.

This extra large cat tower will provide your cats with the climbing activity they need to tone and strengthen all of their muscles and bones safely, and without any of the dangers associated with outdoor play.

The last thing you’ll ever need to worry about is whether or not it’s going to wobble. It’s too heavy to wobble.

This marvellous piece of cat furniture is more than suitable for multi cat homes.

There were quite a few reviewers with larger cats, weighing a lot more than 20 lbs, and they agreed that this cat tower had plenty of room for their large cats to manoeuvre up and down the tiers effortlessly.

Some of the reviewers even mentioned that the holes were big enough for their cats to fit through easily enough.

The only negative comment that one particular reviewer made about this cat tower was that she thought it was too heavy. However, she went on to say that she began to realise that it was actually the weight that was one of the good things about the “Skyscraper”, because it doesn’t wobble, even when her cats jump from the highest level.

In Summary

Overall, the Molly and Friends Skyscraper is another sturdy, well designed and constructed cat tower.

At 7 feet 2 inches tall, it’s perfect for both energetic kittens and adult cats to climb continually.

The cat condo is big enough for large cats to relax in comfort.