Molly and Friends Alleyway

Molly and Friends Alleyway

Molly and Friends Alleyway Cat Tree

This is a review of the Molly and Friends Alleyway extra large, 5 tier carpeted cat tree.

The Molly and Friends “Alleyway” is a premium handmade high quality five tiered cat tree, which is made out of solid wood and is covered in carpet and sisal rope.

The Molly and Friends “Alleyway” stands at 86 inches in height, that’s 7 feet 2 inches tall and the base is a solid 24” x 24”.

This 5 tiered cat tree is suitable for cats of all sizes. It’s even solid enough for larger cats that weigh over 19 pounds.

Each of the five alleys measure:

  • 24.5 inches in length
  • 13.5 inches wide
  • 6.5 inches deep

Each of the alleys are carpeted and positioned at different angles to make exploring a little more interesting for your kitties.

Molly and Friends Alleyway Features and Specifications:

Molly and Friends Alleyway Cat Tree

  • Tall cat tree – 7 feet 2 inches tall
  • 5 tiers
  • Large beds (or alleys)
  • Posts made out of solid pine
  • Also has thick all-nature sisal rope
  • Very heavy – weighs 130 pounds
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Durable construction – arrives fully assembled to your door (no tools required)

Molly and Friends “Alleyway” Review:

The “Alleyway” is another great creation from the Molly and Friends brand.

This handmade cat furniture is sturdily built and is guaranteed not to tip over, which means that you can place the “Alleyway” right beside a window so that your cat can sit and enjoy watching the wildlife outside.

It is strong enough for multiple cats, of varying sizes, to play on all at the same time, as this cat tree offers them plenty of space and great views from the top.

The The Molly and Friends “Alleyway” offers your feline friends extra vertical climbing space and additional places to lounge and sleep.

They can claw away at their own cat furniture without destroying it or getting into any trouble.

Benefits of the Molly and Friends “Alleyway”

The Molly and Friends “Alleyway” will offer both you and your cat many benefits.

The “Alleyway” is 7 feet high. This height will give your kitty more vertical space to explore.

There are three carpeted posts, however, one of the posts is partially covered with all-natural sisal rope. These posts allow your cat to scratch and claw vertically. This action is very beneficial to cats as it allows them to stretch as high as they like and keep their claws in order.

The 5 carpeted “alleys” (or levels), is ideal for cats who are horizontal scratchers.

The levels also allow your kitty to get plenty of exercise by jumping and climbing from one perch to the next.

This Molly and Friends “Alleyway” cat furniture will provide your cat with the vertical personal space she needs to retreat to (to feel safe), especially if she has to share her space with other pets or children.

If your cat is timid or she doesn’t want to interact with others, she can escape to her top perch, which will allow her to feel safe and out of harms way.

The Molly and Friends “Alleyway” Cat Tree In Summary:

The Molly and Friends “Alleyway” is a sturdily constructed cat tree that is 7 feet 2 inches tall, has 5 large carpeted “alleys” (or tiers) and is perfect for energetic cats who love to climb and spy on their humans from a great height. It will be a wonderful treat for your cats.

Once again, there is no doubt that the Molly and Friends “Alleyway” is another piece of cat furniture that your cats will absolutely love.

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