Armarkat B7801 Classic Cat Tree

The Armarkat B7801 Classic Cat Tree Condo

If you start counting the tiers from the base of the B7801, you’ll notice that the cat tree condo is on the fourth tier.

The kitty condo measures 12”(H) x 14”(W) x 17”(D) and is also covered faux fleece. This is a great space for your cute little furball to either sleep or hide in.

Armarkat B7801 Classic Cat Tree Features:

  • Model No.: B7801
  • Overall cat tree dimensions: 78”(H) x 32”(W) x 27” (D)
  • Cat condo, tiers and scratching posts are made out of pressed wood
  • Cat condo and tiers are covered in ivory faux fleece
  • Cat scratching posts are wrapped in sisal rope
  • This is an indoor cat tree
  • Product care: Can be hovered and spot-cleaned with a damp sponge
  • Provides a safe place away from dogs
  • All of the individual parts are handmade to a high standard
  • Easy to assemble, usually within one hour, with step by step instructions and tools included
  • Base dimensions: 24” x 20”
  • Max holding weight : 70lbs
  • Overall product weight: 55lbs

Armarkat B7801 Cat Tree Review

Armarkat B7801 Classic Cat Tree

The Armarkat B7801 is in the $100-150 price range. You’ll find that the majority of indoor cat trees in this price range are going to be made out of pressed wood and covered in faux fleece or faux fur.

According to several reviewers, the B7801 is very stable for a tall cat tree.

Here’s What The Reviewers Are Saying:

  • It’s great ‘fur’ the price! (Breaks the day up I suppose!)
  • It’s easy to put together
  • There’s lots of sisal covered posts for scratching
  • The covering is more like a fur than fleece
  • Very sturdy, remember to follow the directions with care and tighten all the bolts again in a couple of days time, and then again on a ‘need to’ basis.

Can The B7801 Cat Tree Be Easily Climbed by Cats With No Front Claws?

There may be a few individuals reading this review and wondering if the Armarkat B7801 Classic Cat Tree is suitable for cats who don’t have any front claws.

The answer is Yes, cats who don’t have any front claws will still be able to climb or jump on to the B7801 because the tiers are designed close enough for kitties manoeuvre up and down easily.

Having claws would make navigation easier but the way that this cat tree is designed, it shouldn’t be a problem.

There was one reviewer in particular who said that her kitty weighs about 19lbs and unfortunately doesn’t have any front claws. However, her cat is able to jump straight to the middle tier of the B7801 without any problem.

If you’re looking for a tall cat tree with a small footprint, the Armarkat B7801 will fit the bill because it’s approximately 6 feet tall and the base is 20” wide x 24” deep.

This model is also ideal for multi-cat homes as they can play on all levels.

Many reviewers have commented that the Armarkat B7801 Classic Cat Tree is just what they were looking for. It’s sturdy, the parts are handmade to a high standard and therefore this reflects on the tree itself once you’ve put it together, it’s very nice to look at and it’s affordable.

They also added that because of its neutral color, ivory, the B7801 cat tree blends right in with the decor in their living rooms.

Many owners of the Armarkat B7801 have also said that it was easy to put together, usually within an hour (longer if kitty’s trying to ‘help’), and they used the Allen wrench that was provided.

Can The Armarkat B7801 Classic Cat Tree Be Taken Apart And Reassembled Easily?

Yes, the B7801 can be taken apart and reassembled quite easily.

Quite a few reviewers, who have actually moved apartments in the past, have commented that they can confidently say they found this item of cat furniture to be easy to dismantle using the allen wrench.

So long as you have got the tools to unscrew the bolts, dismantling the cat tree shouldn’t be any trouble.

They also said that because this Armarkat cat tree doesn’t have any permanent fixtures, each separate part could be unscrewed and stored in a box until you’re ready to reassemble it again.

A tip they wanted future Armarkat b7801 Classic Cat Tree owners to know is to make sure you keep the bolt diagram in a safe place, so that when you go to reassemble the cat tree again, everything will be fitted in the right place, and once again, your cats will have their favourite toy back.

Customer Reviews and Comments:

At the time of writing this review, there were approximately 570 four and five star reviews combined, and around 24 one, two and three star reviews.

To have 570 Armarkat B7801 Classic Cat Tree owners each echoing the same sentiments, that they think this indoor cat tree is good value for money is a good sign.

There were quite a few repeated comments such as:

    • This tall cat tree is a really good investment
    • The build quality is very good, very sturdy
    • Easy to assemble
    • One of the best cat trees you can buy in this price range
    • Suitable for multi-cat families

…and the compliments kept going.

However, the one, two and three stars (24 of them combined) all had complaints related to how unsteady they found the B7801 to be, or their kitties couldn’t fit through the play hole on the 2nd tier.

There was also a complaint from a reviewer who has had their Armarkat B7801 Classic Cat Tree for about a year and a half. They didn’t like the fact that their B7801 kitty tree is now threadbare and the faux fleece has become shredded in several places.

But then, there were reviews made by people who have had their B7801’s for over 3, 4 or 5 years and moved it from one apartment to another.

To be honest, how long any cat tree will last your kitty all really depends on how much they use it.

What Is The Overall View Of The Armarkat B7801?

Overall, according to hundreds of customer reviews, the Armarkat B7801 Classic Cat Tree is a good purchase in this price range.

As long as you put it together correctly, tighten all of the bolts and maintain it regularly, by routinely re-tightening the bolts, you should be very happy with your purchase and your cat will have plenty of fun with his new Armarkat B7801 Classic Cat Tree.

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