Best Cat Scratching Furniture

Providing your cat with his own furniture such as scratching posts, multi level cat trees, condos and lounges is an ideal way not only to stop him or her from clawing your furniture to bits, but also to ensure the mental health and overall wellness of your favourite kitty.

Believe it or not, there are many benefits and health advantages associated with your cat scratching and clawing furniture.

Giving your feline friend their own cat furniture will:

    • Stop your cat from being bored
    • Scratching and clawing helps to reduce stress and any anxiety
    • Will also encourage better behaviour
    • Help to keep their claws short and your own furniture in one piece
    • A cat tree gives indoor cats access to vertical space (if they don’t have access to a garden with trees)
    • Offers them the opportunity to climb and get some much-needed exercise
    • Allows cats to have a good stretch
    • Helps to strengthen their limbs and keeps them fit
    • Many cat trees offer several types of scratching surfaces and levels for your cat to choose from
    • Will entertain and make your cat very happy

Once you’ve given them an alternative scratching area, it would probably be a good idea to put some double-sided sellotape or aluminium foil on their old favourite scratching areas for a while, as this will remind them that their human has provided them with other safe and secure furniture.Another way that you can keep your cat from scratching your furniture would be to put a cat scratching post in the exact same place as where they used to scratch on your furniture.

Is Your Cat A Horizontal or Vertical Scratcher?

If your cat is a horizontal scratcher, meaning he likes to scratch on your carpet, you could try putting a cat scratching pad directly over the area of carpet that he loved to claw at.


It might just be that he loves to scratch in that particular area and so with a cat scratching pad in place, he’ll have to scratch on that instead of your beautiful carpet.

However if your cat is a vertical scratcher, meaning that he loves to scratch on the corner of your sofa, or on your chair legs or curtains etc, perhaps you could try putting a cat scratching post or cat tree in that area.

Try to block his little paws from clawing at your furniture by putting an alternative scratching surface in the way and see what happens.

How To Stop Your New Kitten From Scratching Furniture

If you’re getting a new kitten, you will need to plan ahead and provide some purposely made cat scratching furniture with desirable surfaces that will appeal to your new arrival before he comes into your home. Otherwise he will choose for himself the most desirable area and surface to scratch and claw at, and these are usually your highly prized soft furnishings.

The only problem with the vertical space that they’re getting from your curtains is that they can’t remain there for as long as they would if they had somewhere to stay and perch, like they would on a cat tree.

A cat tree will help to provide the vertical space that your cat is looking for. It will give them the height they need to feel safe, or to observe their humans behaviour or if it’s placed by a window, they’ll be occupied watching the wild life outside as entertainment, or they can lounge or sleep on any one of the levels quite happily for hours on end.

The cubby holes or condos on a cat tree provide a cool, dark and private place for them to feel like their hidden away from prying eyes.

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