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SmartCat Ultimate Cat Scratching Post Review

There are 5 reasons why cats need to scratch and sink their claws into a cat scratching post:

  • They need to be able to remove old sheaths from their claws
  • This is a way for them to exercise and tone their muscles
  • To relieve stress, boredom and frustration
  • To warm up for a vigorous play sessions
  • To mark its territory

Cats have a need to have a full stretch and sink their claws either into your furniture or you carpet. The SmartCat Ultimate Cat Scratching Post will fulfil those needs.

SmartCat Ultimate Cat Scratching Post Features:

The height of the Ultimate cat scratching post is designed to maximize your feline friends scratching and clawing pleasure. It is always very sturdy which means that when your kitty decides to lunge itself at the post, it won’t topple over.

Assembly is quick and easy using the two screws provided and will only take a matter of minutes to complete.

  • Durable post allows cats to get a full stretch
  • Made with fibrous, durable sisal that naturally inspires scratching
  • Measurements: 16” x 16” x 32”
  • 32 inches high (2 feet 8 inches)
  • Allows cat to get to a full vertical stretch
  • Sturdy base eliminates tipping and wobbling
  • Weight out of the box: 8kg
  • Assembles quickly and easily with 2 screws (included)

SmartCat Ultimate Cat Scratching Post Review:

This is an attractive cat scratching post for cats. It’s very sturdy and is covered in woven sisal. Customers who bought the Ultimate said that it looks as if it could be a ‘piece of modern art’. Several reviewers commented that they were extremely happy with the kitty post which takes literally a couple of minutes to put together.

Other customers commented that the SmartCat Ultimate Cat Scratching Post was a good height (2 feet 8 inches), and a good weight (8kg) which helps to make it nice and sturdy.

There were a handful of customers who said that their cats ignored the scratching post at first, but after a while they soon became very interested. One or two kitties became interested within a few days or weeks of being introduced to the scratching post.

Many people also commented that the main reason they bought this cat scratching post was to try and stop their cats from clawing their furniture. A few reviewers said that they put the scratching post near the item of furniture that their cat loved to sink their claws into and this actually helped their cat to stop clawing their couches and to use the post instead.

Several reviewers also mentioned that they bought a SmartCat Perch so that their larger cats could lounge or sit on top of the cat scratching post comfortably.


SmartCat Ultimate Cat Scratching Post Summary:

The general consensus is that most cats will start using the scratching post immediately and if he doesn’t, you can either encourage him to use it by gently rubbing his paws on it whilst praising him or you can just give him a little time to get used to it by himself.


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