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The Lotus Cat Tower is an extremely attractive, sturdy cat climbing tree and is suitable for large cats weighing over 25 pounds. Maine Coons, Ragdolls and even Norwegian Forest Cats will have no trouble at all getting to the top of this well designed cat tree.

The Lotus Cat Tower is a four tier cat tree that stands at 5 feet 9 inches, that’s 69 inches tall.

Starting at the bottom, the first tier, you’ll notice that there is a cat condo with these approximate measurements:

  • 14″ wide x 14″ high and 20″ deep

The cat condo also has two washable soft faux suede fabric covered cushions. One is on the inside and the other is located directly on top of the cubby. Both of these cushions are removable so that they can be easily cleaned.

Also, there is a sisal panel attached to the side of the cat condo that will satisfy your cats’ natural urges to scratch and claw.

The second and third tiers, or platforms, measure approximately:

  • 8″ wide x 22″ long

These platforms are strong enough to support 50 pounds each and are both covered in brown Berber carpet, which is secured with velcro to keep them in place, and designed to be used as stepping platforms to encourage your cats’ innate instinct to climb to the top and choose whether he wants to watch any human activity or simply rest.

Also, you will notice that the top level is curved. This is meant to reflect the shape of the beautiful lotus flower. This platform’s approximate measurements are:

  • 25″ long x 20″ wide

It is also covered with berber carpet which is attached with velcro.

The Lotus Cat Tower also comes with floor levellers, a support bar for further stability and tools to put it together.

The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower Product Features:

  • Dimensions: 20” x 20” x 69”
  • 3 berber carpeted platforms – the carpet is removable and attached with velcro
  • Sisal pad for scratching (placed near cubby)
  • 2 Soft cushions with washable faux suede covers
  • Support bar and floor levellers for stability
  • Made out of Ply with Oak veneer for strength
  • Shipping weight: 70 pounds
  • Assembly required – tools are included

The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower Review:

Overall, over 80% of customers who purchased the Lotus Cat Tower were pleased with the quality of the wood and amazed at just how elegant and pleasing it is to the eye. It’s tall, sleek and has a luxurious look and feel about it.

Many reviewers commented that it looks like a very attractive piece of modern furniture and fits in perfectly with their decor.

This beautifully designed cat tower comes with the tools and instructions and will take approximately one hour to assemble.

One particular Amazon reviewer left a helpful tip for all those people who simply don’t like to read the instructions.

She said “You will find putting this tree together fairly difficult. So read the instructions, pay particular attention to the parts on the list because when you match the parts in your hand with the ones on the list, you will find it a lot easier to build this cat tree.”

The bottom cubby is big enough for 2 or 3 small to medium sized cats to fit inside, the two middle shelves are narrow but are long enough to support most cats, and the top shelf is large enough to hold multiple kitties as well.

Whilst most reviewers found the Lotus Cat Tower to be very sturdy, just a handful of customers found it was slightly wobbly at first, but then managed to make one or two adjustments and then it was perfect.

The majority of cats seem to really love the Lotus Cat Tower and spent most of their time either spying on their humans from the top platform, grooming themselves or stretched out and relaxed.

Is The Lotus Cat Tower Suitable for Multi-Cat Families

The Lotus Cat Tower is also suitable for multi-cat families.

Whilst the Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower is a hit with humans, there are a percentage of cat owners who said that their cats went back to climbing and scratching their old traditional cat tree made with carpet.

Perhaps, this could be because they had become accustomed to having a carpeted cat tree and the Lotus is something ‘new’ to them. Another customer suggested introducing your kitty to the cat tree so that he knows that this is for him.

If you’re not quite sure whether this is the cat tree for your kitty or yourself, there is another modern non-carpeted cat tree that you may prefer. It’s called the Contoure Modern Cat Tower and you can read the review about it here.

Summary of the Lotus Cat Tower

Usually, when I see negative reviews of any product, even if it has raving 4 and 5 star reviews, I pay just as much attention to everything that these customers have to say.

In this instance, the negative reviews were very justified to complain about the quality of the Lotus Cat Tower as back in 2011, there were some significant manufacturing defects. Customers who bought the Lotus at that time, were very disappointed with the quality of the cat tower overall. They had problems trying to put it together as a large majority of the screws wouldn’t fit into any of the panels, some of the holes were either not threaded properly or were not lining up correctly.

However, you will be pleased to know that The Refined Feline company has corrected and improved the Lotus Cat Tower and customers and their cats are extremely happy again. The Lotus is still a very good purchase, especially now that the manufacturing defects have been corrected.

Here is the public announcement which was made by The Refined Feline company:

“In 2011, Amazon customers received a bad batch of Lotus Cat Towers. As you may read below, those customers expressed their dissatisfaction in the Feedback section. Any customer who received one of these defective units was entitled to a refund through Amazon. Since that batch in 2011, we have changed factories and implemented a tighter Quality Control process. We are confident you and your cat will love the Lotus Cat Tower for its quality and design.”

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