Contoure Modern Cat Tree

The Contoure is made out of unfinished 100% cabinet-grade birch plywood, which means that you can either paint it or stain it yourself in a color of your own choice and that matches your home decor.

This modern cat tree has a very attractive design and looks as though it should be placed in an art gallery.

The Contoure also has four 18″ x 10″ carpeted platforms, which is ideal if your cat is a horizontal scratcher, and also great for cats who love to climb and crave more vertical territory.

Contoure Modern Cat Tree Features:

  • Free standing – 68 inches tall (5 feet 8″)
  • Constructed of sustainably harvested, locally grown birch plywood
  • You can paint or stain it yourself to match your home decor
  • Four carpeted platforms: 18″ x 10″ each
  • Ideal for your kitty to lounge or play on
  • Easy to assemble and keep clean
  • Very sturdy – if you tighten the screws correctly
  • Suitable for multi cat homes
  • Replacement carpet is available
  • Made in North Carolina, USA

Contoure Modern Cat Tree Reviews:

Contoure Modern Cat Tree

The customers who reviewed this modern cat tree have made it very clear that this is a beautiful piece of cat furniture and their cats love it.

They also said that they much preferred this model compared to the traditional carpeted cat tree and it looks great in any room.

One particular reviewer found that the Contoure was a little wobbly, she also has the Molly and Friends Virgie, which is an extra large handmade cat tree with sisal rope, and commented that the Virgie was a lot more stable than the Contoure modern cat tree. However, she still gave the Contoure a 4 out of 5 star rating.

If you prefer tall wooden cat trees and really like the look of the Contoure Modern Cat Tower, you might also like to see the very sleek and stylish Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower.

Contoure Modern Cat Tree Summary:

In summary, the Contoure modern cat tree is absolutely beautiful to look at.

Most of the reviewers who bought the Contoure were happy with it and didn’t experience any problems.

However, there were other reviewers who loved the idea of having a more modern cat tree in their homes, but they found it to be very shaky despite their attempts to tighten any screws.

Even though there weren’t any 1 star ratings on this piece of cat furniture, you can’t really ignore the fact that it can be wobbly. There were a few 4 star reviewers who whilst they were extremely impressed by the design of this cat tree, they stated that they found it was a little shaky.

It might just be that the screws probably hadn’t been screwed in straight and that you just have to make sure that you take your time when putting it together, so that your kitties have a wonderful modern cat tree to entertain them and not one that spooks them.

The customers who gave the Contoure modern cat tree a 5 star rating, said it was very sturdy, which is why it is possible that the other reviewers just didn’t put it together securely enough.

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