Go Pet Club Cat Tree

The Go Pet Club cat condo tower has several levels leading up to the top 3 perches, 2 condos and 10 natural scratching sisal posts.

Most cats love being in high places, such as a shelf or the top of your refrigerator, and one of the best features of this particular cat condo tower is that it’s a 6 foot cat tower, giving your kitty plenty of vertical space.

Just think…he’ll be able to watch your every move! (Isn’t that a comforting thought!)

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Cat Condo Tower Features:

  • There are 2 condos: Condo 1 measures 20”W x 15”L x 11.5”H and Condo 2 measures 15”W x 12”L x 10”H
  • 10 scratching posts each covered in natural sisal rope
  • 3 levels made out of MDF/wood and covered in soft faux fur leading up to 3 perches
  • Colour: Beige (model number: F2040-Beige) – Also available in blue – model number: F2040-Blue
  • Measurements/Overall Size: 50”W x 26”L x 72”H – 72”H = 6 feet tall
  • Base Board Size: 28”W x 24”L
  • Easy to assemble – most customers putting it together in less than 45 minutes

Go Pet Club Cat Condo Tower Customer Reviews

The Go Pet Club Cat Tree seems to be a very popular choice, not only with the pet owners themselves, but with their cats too.

A huge number of reviewers expressed how pleased they were with the quality of the cat condo tower and also how easy the directions were to follow to get it set up. It took most customers approximately 30 minutes to put together.

Once the tree was assembled, their kitties began running and pouncing on it almost immediately with excitement. They were obviously very happy with their new toy.

There were a few concerns that maybe the faux fur material wouldn’t measure up to the carpeted cat trees, but in many cases, there are other reviews from previous owners who commented that after a whole year of use, their tree was still as good as new…no tears or bare patches in the fabric to be seen anywhere.

Many customers also commented on how much their pets love sleeping on the top perches. Their cats seemed to find it very calming and were able to rest there quite comfortably.

Several other reviewers mentioned that you may have to tighten the bolts and screws occasionally, so that the levels or perches remain sturdy.

A large majority of customers said that they were very pleased with the amount of sisal rope posts available for their cats to climb, scratch on and get their claws into.

Cats In High Places

There are many reasons why cats seem to like high places. It could be that they just love to observe what’s going on around them from a higher point, or they feel safer, or maybe they just need a bit of quiet time where they won’t be disturbed or maybe it’s just warmer up there. But, whatever the reason, the Go Pet Club Cat Tree certainly won’t disappoint them. This 6 foot cat condo tower can accommodate multiple cats at the same time.

Several customers originally bought this cat tree so that their pets would have a safe place to go to, so that they could get away from their dogs.

There were also a few reviewers who had larger cats and so wanted to make a special request to the manufacturer to start making the condos and upper perches slightly bigger, so that larger cats that weigh over 15 pounds could sleep on them comfortably.

A small number of reviewers had said that the ladders/ramps did not fit properly.

However, there were other customers who said that they didn’t have a problem with the ladders/ramps not fitting and thought that maybe that was a problem with the older model, and that perhaps the manufacturer has fixed that problem now.

Unlike some other models in this price range, this cat tree seems to be much sturdier. Where some models ‘wobble’ a little whenever their pet playfully jumps on it, this cat tree remains firm and doesn’t rock.

One particular customer stated that in order for this particular cat tree to be sturdy, you really need to make sure that you tighten the connections properly.

It would seem that the main reason why this cat condo tower received negative reviews was because customers thought that it was too wobbly.

Summary of the Go Pet Club 6 Foot Cat Condo Tower

According to our research, the Go Pet Club Cat Tree is one of the best cat condo towers in this price range.

Even though the majority of the reviews are very positive, you should take into consideration the fact that you will have to tighten the screws every so often to help keep the cat tree a sturdy and safe place for your cat.



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