Kitty Mansions Beverly Hills Cat Tree

This is a large cat tower that stands at 73 inches (6 feet tall) and is made up of 6 tiers, with 3 plush faux fur cat beds (with cushioned sides), 2 cat condos, a ladder and several sisal rope posts.

Most people will agree that the Kitty Mansions Beverly Hills cat tree is a well designed and sturdy item of cat furniture.

Kitty Mansions Beverly Hills Cat Tree Features:

  • 6 tiers
  • 73 inches tall (6 feet)
  • Dimensions of top 3 cat beds: 12” x 12”
  • Dimensions of small cat condo: 12”H x 12”W x 10”D
  • Dimensions of large cat condo: 24”H x 12”W x 12”D
  • Cat scratching posts covered in sisal rope
  • Covering: brown / beige soft plush faux fur fabric
  • A ladder leading from larger cat condo up to the smaller kitty condo
  • Overall tree dimensions: 73”H x 28”W x 24”D
  • Dimensions of the base: 28” x 24”
  • Made out of manufactured wood (particleboard)
  • Overall weight of cat tree: 80lbs
  • Easy to assemble – Tools provided

Kitty Mansions Beverly Hills Cat Tree Review

What makes the Kitty Mansions Beverly Hills cat tree so attractive is the soft plush faux fur covering. All of the platforms, the 2 cat condos (or cat houses) and all 3 cat beds are covered in this luxurious fabric, but the cat scratching posts are wrapped with sisal rope.

The cat beds themselves are a particularly attractive feature because the ‘walls’ or ‘sides’ are 4 inches high and about an inch and a half thick, so they have a cushion feel to them. Your cat or cats will love them.

All three of the plush cat beds are just over 13” in diameter, but if you include the padded ‘sides’ then the diameter is approximately 14 and a half inches. This means that these cat beds are only suitable for small to medium sized cats up to approximately 12 pounds in weight.

If you only have one cat, he or she is going to be very spoilt with this large cat tree.

If you have 2 or more kitties, there may be a battle for the top spot.

The top cat bed is always going to be the most desirable, but that’s not to say that the lower two cat beds aren’t going to be just as satisfying.

Dimensions of the Condos

If you count the tiers from the ground upwards, the dimensions of the cat condo on the 3rd tier, which is just below the 3 cat beds and is the smaller of the two condos, is 11.5”H x 11.5”W x 9.5”D.

Then you have the larger cat condo, which is measured at 23.5”H x 11.5”W x 11.5”D.

Can The Kitty Mansions Beverly Hills Cat Tree Be Placed Outside?

Like most indoor cat trees, the Kitty Mansions Beverly Hills cat tower cannot be placed outside.

It is made out of particleboard which means that if it comes in contact with moisture, due to humidity, or if it gets wet from the rain, it will simply deteriorate and its longevity will be cut short.

This large cat tree has been purposely made for indoor use only.

In Summary

In summary, this is a lovely cat tower, but mainly for small to medium sized kittys weighing up to 12 pounds when fully grown. We can say this because there are other cat trees in this price range with very similar dimensions, and the 1 and 2 star complaints are usually from owners who bought this for their larger cats weighing as much as 20 pounds. Needless to say that although their kitty’s could climb the tree comfortably enough, their couldn’t find a comfortable position to curl up in as limbs were hanging over the side.

The cat beds on this particularly cat climbing tree measure 13″ in diameter.

A cat bed suitable for large cats should preferably be around 17 to 18 inches or more. The Molly and Friends brand usually create cat beds of this scale, so if you own a large cat breed such as a Maine Coon or a Ragdoll, you may want to have a look at their cat trees instead.

None of the statement above can take anything away from this Kitty Mansions Beverly Hills cat tree because it is made from high quality and durable materials and, as we’ve said before, it will make a lovely cat climbing tree for a kitten or small to medium-sized cat weighing up to 12 pounds.

Once you have assembled all of the pieces together, there is no doubt that you’ll be the proud owner of a well constructed item of cat furniture.

Also, according to present owners, because the levels, including the cat beds, are evenly spaced apart, your kitty will have no problem climbing from one level to the next. This is one of the best cat trees on the market in this price range.

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