Kitty Mansions Redwood Cat Tree

The Kitty Mansions Redwood Cat Tree is 75” tall (that’s 6 feet 2 inches) and it’s one of the best modern cat trees in this price range on the current market, next to the Kitty Mansions Beverly Hills Cat Tree.

The levels and the main body of this large cat tower are made out of manufactured wood (particleboard).

Each level (or platform), the cat beds and the cat condo are covered in a soft green plush faux fur fabric and the posts are wrapped in brown sisal rope. The sisal rope is dyed with a non-toxic dye and is not harmful to cats.

Kitty Mansions Redwood Cat Tree Features:

Kitty Mansions Redwood Cat Tree
  • 4 tiers
  • 75” tall (6 feet 2 inches)
  • 3 cat beds, each with padded (cushioned) sides – 13” each in diameter
  • Cat condo interior measures: 10”H x 16”W x 16”D
  • Posts covered in brown colored sisal rope (non-toxic brown colored dye)
  • Covering: plush green faux fur fabric
  • Comes with decorative vine / leaves
  • A ladder leading to the cat condo
  • Overall tree dimensions: 75”H x 23”W x 23”D
  • Made out of manufactured wood (particleboard)
  • Overall weight of cat tree: 70lbs
  • Easy to assemble – Tools provided

Kitty Mansions Redwood Cat Tree Review

If you’re looking for a cat tower that’s a little different from other pieces of cat furniture, then maybe the Kitty Mansions Redwood Cat Tree could whet your appetite.

It’s 75” tall (6 feet and 2 inches) and a lot of people are attracted to how attractive looking it is. It’s not the usual beige you see on a lot of other pieces of cat furniture.

The green vines, or the leaves that you see wrapped around the brown colored posts, along with the soft green plush faux fur fabric, seem to create a wonderful effect. It’s very pleasing to the eye.

These leaves will arrive as part of the whole package in a box.

The Dimensions of the Cat Beds / Perches

The 3 cat beds, on the Kitty Mansions Redwood cat tree each measure approximately 15 inches in diameter as they have cushioned/padded side ‘walls’ which measure about 5” high.

The walls go about three quarters of the way around the base of the cat bed, to create a ‘doorway’ effect. These walls are soft and flexible and don’t have hard inserts.

The interior of the cat beds measures about 13 and a half inches but it’s the padded sides that add the extra inches.

Can This Cat Tower Be Placed Outdoors On Your Deck?

Because this cat tower is made out of particleboard with a soft plush faux fur fabric, it would not be a good idea to put it anywhere outside.

The material alone would be ruined if it was exposed to either too much humidity or dampness caused by the rain.

As the frame of this cat tree is made out of particle board, it cannot handle a lot of moisture, and like any other indoor cat tower, it would deteriorate.

This large cat tree has been purposely made for indoor use only.


Overall, the Kitty Mansions Redwood Cat Tree is gaining in popularity and in this price range and it’s easy to see why. (Feel free to click on any of the links on this page to see the most recent price on

It’s attractive to look at, especially with the leaves attached to it. It’s large, very sturdy and easy to assemble. Many owners have mentioned that it only took them up to one hour to put the whole cat tower together.

The parts are made of high quality and durable materials, so once you’ve assembled it, you’ll be able to appreciate the solid construction.

It would suit multicat families with energetic felines who love to jump, climb and explore vertical spaces. They’ll be free to play on all the levels of this modern cat tree, in any which way they can and sleep in any of the soft, plush cat beds or make the kitty condo their permanent bedroom.

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