Molly and Friends Elevator

The Molly and Friends Elevator cat tree, is made up of 6 tiers. Each tier contains either a spacious cat bed or access to rest areas that are either complete circle or half circle shaped, and is covered in high quality carpet.

The Molly and Friends Elevator has three cat scratching posts made from solid pine, and these scratching posts support each of the tiers.

Two of the cat scratching posts are completely covered in carpet whilst the third scratching post has three quarter carpet and one quarter natural sisal rope.

The entire cat tower is held together with heavy duty screws and bolts, which makes it very stable.

If you are familiar with the Molly and Friends brand, you’ll know that they only build quality cat trees and the “Elevator” is just one of them.

Molly and Friends Elevator Cat Tower Features:

  • Large cat beds and rest areas
  • Durable materials
  • High quality carpet build
  • All natural thick sisal rope
  • Handmade in the USA
  • No assembly required (arrives fully assembled)
  • 85 inches tall – that 7 feet 8 inches

Molly and Friends Elevator Tall Cat Tree Review:

The Molly and Friends Elevator is a tall carpeted cat tower that is mainly suitable for small to medium sized cats. According to several online reviewers, larger cats may have a difficult time climbing between the tiers as they are quite close together. However, small to medium sized cats will have a great time.

Your kitties will be able to launch themselves at the cat tower at great speed, and it will only have a natural slight wobble compared to a lot of other cat trees. But even with this slight movement, it is still very safe for your kitties.

Is the Molly and Friends Elevator Suitable For Large Cats?

Whilst we were researching the Elevator cat tower, we noticed that there were quite a few reviewers that commented that it was not suitable for large cats.

Going by the statements made by reviewers, the Molly and Friends Elevator seems to be mainly suitable for small to medium sized cats as they’ll have no trouble weaving their way through the tiers.

The reason that it may not be suitable for large cats is because of the beds and rest areas are built too close to each other. Reviewers found that their kitties were having quite a hard time squeezing and climbing from one level to the next and seemed to bang their heads on the tier above them.

A Summary Of The Molly and Friends Elevator Cat Tree

In summary, if you have a particularly large cat, he may have difficulty in trying to climb in between each level as they are quite close together.

However, if you have small to medium sized cats, the Molly and Friends Elevator cat tower could be just what they need. It would certainly satisfy their urge to scratch and climb and they’ll have plenty of vertical space.

If you would really prefer a tall cat tree that is suitable for larger cats, you’ll probably find the Molly and Friends “Virgie”, the Pinnacle“Alleyway” or even the “Skyscraper” to be much better options.

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