Molly and Friends Toms Tower

Molly and Friends Toms Tower is a cat tree with 2 spacious cat beds measuring 16″ diameter and 3″ deep. They are suitable for large cats such as Maine Coons and Ragdolls.

As both cat beds measure 16.5″ in diameter, this is perfect for cats weighing around 20 to 25 pounds, because they’ll be able to curl up quite comfortably.

Most other cat tree brands offer cat beds that measure approximately 13″ to 15″ in diameter and are therefore mainly suitable for small to medium sized felines that weigh up to approximately 12 pounds. Those extra inches make a great difference to your kitties comfort.

Molly and Friends Toms Tower also has a cradle, which is on the second tier (if you start from the bottom) and measures approximately 16.5″x16″ and is 3″ deep.

The tunnel is also a good size and measures around 16.5″ in diameter and 16″ long.

The Molly and Friends Toms Tower also has four cat scratching posts of varying heights.

The longest scratching post is carpeted, supports the top round cat bed and is 60″ in height, that’s 5 feet tall.

The cat scratching post that holds up the tunnel is carpeted and is 40″ tall, that’s just over 3 feet.

Then there’s the scratching post that supports the cradle which is 27″ tall, which is just over 2 feet, and is wrapped in natural sisal rope, and then lastly there’s a 12″, 1 foot, scratch post that supports the lower round cat bed which is also covered in carpet.

The scratching posts themselves are all made out of solid natural pine wood.

Molly and Friends Toms Tower Features:

  • Large cat beds and rest areas for all sized cats – ideal for Maine Coons and Ragdolls (reviewed highly by customers as being best cat tree for large cats)
  • Durable materials used for solid construction
  • High quality carpet
  • Cat scratching posts made from all natural thick sisal rope
  • Arrives fully assembled – no tools required
  • 66 inches tall, that’s approx. 5 feet 5 inches
  • Made in the USA

Why Is Molly and Friends Toms Tower The Best Cat Tree For Large Cats?

The Molly and Friends Toms Tower is the best cat tree for large cats because not only are the cradle and round cat beds a generous size, but the scratching posts that hold up each of them are long and uninterrupted by other levels.

Let me explain, most cat towers have a flat level, or tier, that looks like it’s going ‘through’ the scratch post, and there are often corners that stick out to a certain degree, like the Go Pet Club cat condo tower pictured here:

The cat scratching post shown in the picture of the cat condo tower to your right isn’t a ‘continuous’ scratch post, it has tiers or horizontal levels attached to it.

Whilst it’s good to have the horizontal surfaces for your kitty to climb and scratch on, big cats have long bodies and when they try to reach up to stretch and scratch in high places, it would be a much better experience for them if there wasn’t a corner of a horizontal level in the way. Do you see what I mean?

Molly and Friends are the creators of wonderfully built cat towers such as the “Alleyway”“the Pinnacle” and the “Step Stool Sleeper”, just to name a few, and each one of them are constructed in a way that offers big and long cats the freedom to stretch, claw and scratch as high as they naturally desire.

Will This Cat Tower Tip Over?

Molly and Friends Toms Tower

The answer to that question is No. Whilst your kitties will launch themselves at it at full speed, it may have slight movement, but not enough to spook your cat or tip over.

This cat tower is very heavy, sturdy and solidly made.

It’s the best cat tree for large cats and it’s strong enough for multiple cats.

Does The Molly and Friends Toms Tower Have A ‘Design Problem’?

There have been one or two reviewers on who commented that there is a ‘design problem’ with the placement of the hole at the top of the tunnel. They thought that the way in which the hole was situated at the top of the tunnel, didn’t give the cats a clear enough view to see that there’s a 4th tier to climb to, and as a result gave this cat tower a 3-star rating.

However, there are other customers that came across these reviews and disagreed with them.

There were customers who said that they almost didn’t order this cat tree based purely on the reviews regarding the ‘design problem’.

However, they were glad that they went ahead and bought this cat tower anyway because their cats made their way up to the 4th tier with no problems whatsoever and so left a review to reassure future purchasers that they would be “nothing but pleased with the reasonably-price, sturdy cat tree”.

There were other reviewers who commented that their cats now seem to spend most of their days lounging in the spacious cat bed instead of sitting on human furniture or nestling in someone’s lap.

There were also customer comments stating that unlike those cats who had ‘trouble’ figuring out how to get to the cat bed at the top of the cat tower, their kitties managed to find multiple exciting ways to get to there.

Their method included either leaping from the back of the sofa directly onto the cat bed at the top of the tower, or hauling themselves up by their claws over the outside of the posts to reach that exciting high perch, as well as going in and out of the hole in level three.

A Summary Of Why The Molly and Friends Toms Tower Is The Best Cat Tree For Large Cats

The Molly and Friends creators really understand cats. They know how to build cat towers for all-sized kitties including large cats. The quality of their cat furniture is second to none really.

Once in a while you’ll come across people who don’t like carpeted cat trees for various reasons of their own, but in general, a high majority of customers who purchase any one of these cat towers is usually very satisfied indeed.

Cats just love to scratch and if you give them a carpeted cat tower with sisal rope, you can only imagine that this must be absolute heaven for them and as a bonus to you, it distracts them away from your curtains and other scratch-worthy furnishings.

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