Molly and Friends Virgie

The Molly and Friends Virgie is a premium handmade high quality five tiered cat tree for cats of all sizes. The beds and rest areas are made large enough for even the largest of cats. It’s also a solid, very sturdy and well constructed item of cat tree furniture.

The Virgie stands at 90 inches in height, that’s 7 feet and 5 inches of high quality carpet, all natural sisal rope and solid pine poles.

Molly and Friends Virgie Reviews:

According to Molly and Friends enthusiasts, the Virgie is another great contribution to the feline world. When it comes to the subject of cat trees, Molly and Friends is a solid brand. You can rely on their workmanship.

Molly and Friends build cat trees that will last for years to come and the Virgie will not disappoint your feline friends.

The Virgie is an extra large premium handmade cat tree. It’s solid and heavy, it weighs around 150 pounds and will arrive fully assembled.

Molly and Friends Deluxe Scratching Post Furniture
  • 6 tier extra large cat tree
  • 90 inches/7 feet 5 inches tall on a 24″ x 24″ weighted base
  • 1 condo, 2 cradles, 2 large beds and 1 tunnel measuring 12 inches in diameter
  • Durable materials, high-quality carpet, and solid construction
  • Solid pine poles
  • All natural thick sisal rope
  • Handmade in the USA, No assembly required

If you’re the owner of a particularly large kitty and you’re wondering if the Virgie is strong enough to bear his or her weight, then allow me to help you with that thought.

There’s a customer review from a lady whose cat weighs 38 pounds. That’s big. She says that if you also have a large cat, this cat tree will hold up just fine.

Another Molly and Friends Virgie reviewer commented that they were also extremely happy with this cat tower.

They continued to say that they found it to be sturdy enough to be placed right in front of a large plate glass window in their home and they

don’t have to worry about the cats hitting it over and knocking it right through that large window.

If you like the idea of owning a cat tower for your kitty, Molly and Friends have designed other tall carpeted cat trees that you may also find appealing. They are the “Skyscraper”“Elevator”“the Alleyway” and also “the Pinnacle”. These cat trees are all very tall, carpeted, stylish and are suitable for large cats and multiple cat homes.

Molly and Friends Virgie Summary:

Overall, there is no doubt that once again Molly and Friends have created a cat tree that owners and their pets will fall in love with.

This is clearly a brand that understands cats and their needs. Your kitty will be able to scratch or sink their claws into any of the carpeted or sisal posts, the beds or the rest areas to their hearts content.

The levels and the beds are a very good size.

Whether you have one cat or several cats, all at various sizes, they will be able to pounce on and off this extra large cat tower very safely.


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