PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge Review

The PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge is created sturdy enough not to move whilst your cat is either scratching or playing on it.

It’s also a very stylish and beautiful looking item of cat furniture made out of eco-friendly, recycled corrugated cardboard and it weighs approximately 7.5lbs.

The dimensions of the Scratcher Lounge are 34”(L) x 10.5”(W) x 10.5”(D) – so it’s just under 3 feet long, and because the lounge is bow-shaped, it’s approximately 10.5 inches high on the ends and about 6 inches high in the middle.

It will help to keep your cats’ claws in check and hopefully stop them from ruining your plants and furniture…a little bit at a time!

The PetFusion cat scratcher is also reversible which means that once your cat has scratched and clawed his way through the top, you can simply flip it over onto the other side, so that it looks brand new again.

PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge Review

PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge Features:

  • Sleek design made of eco-friendly, recycled corrugated cardboard, NOT WOOD
  • Both a scratcher and a lounge
  • Perfect for cats who like to scratch horizontally
  • Reversible for twice the use
  • The design encourages play
  • Stops cats from scratching your furniture
  • Curvy shape naturally attracts cats and make it easier for them to scratch, play and a more comfortable place to rest
  • Suitable for multiple cat families
  • Scratcher Lounge measurements: 34”(L) x 10.5”(W) x 10.5”(D)
  • Scratcher Lounge weight: 7.5 pounds
  • Designed in US and manufactured in Asia

PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge Review:

Cats love cardboard and the PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge is made from eco-friendly, recycled corrugated cardboard. It has a very long, sleek, curvy shape and is low to the ground. It looks more like human furniture rather than a piece of functional cat furniture.

According to a couple of 4 and 5 star reviewers, little kittens or small to medium sized cats will be able to poke their heads through the holes.

However, larger cats, weighing over 12 pounds (approximately) may not be able to crawl fully through the holes even though you can be sure that they’ll probably give it a good try.

How Long Will the Petfusion Cat Scratcher Lounge Last?

According to several reviewers, the Petfusion Cat Scratcher Lounge should last you at least one full year…and that’s with constant use.

Many individuals, who already own this cat scratcher lounge, have commented that the reason this product can last so long is because it’s made of a very hard, dense cardboard, which is why your cats’ claws won’t be able to demolish it any time soon, even with plenty of cat scratching activity.

And, not only that, but once the top starts looking really shabby, you can turn it over so that it looks brand new again.

Will Little Pieces of Cardboard Come Off With The Scratching?

PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge

A few potential customers who have bought other cardboard scratch pads, have voiced their concerns over the amount of ‘shedding’ that this Petfusion Lounger could produce.

However, according to owners of this Cat Scratcher Lounge, it does not create a lot of shredded mess.

Yes, little pieces of cardboard will come off as your cat scratches, but these little pieces either fall into the corrugated grooves or over the side.

One owner said that a weeks’ worth of shredded cardboard only amounts to about a tablespoon worth of cleaning up, and that should show you the quality of this product.

Will This Cat Scratcher Move On A Hardwood Floor?

The Petfusion Cat Scratcher Lounge should not move on your hardwood floor. This cat scratcher is very well made and is quite heavy.

So even if your 20lb cat takes a run and jump at it and rolls onto it at speed, it won’t move. However, it you’re still in any doubt as to whether it will remain still on your hardwood floor, it has been suggested that you could place a small rug underneath it.

What Do Reviewers Think of the Petfusion Lounger?

Overall, according to current owners, the general consensus is that the Petfusion Lounger has got to be the best cat scratching lounger that they’ve ever had.

They all agree that this cat scratching lounge is made of a tight and solid construction, combined with a beautiful and modern design.

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